4 Reasons to Have Your Timber Floor Sanded by a Professional Instead of Doing It Yourself

One of the most compelling benefits that comes with fitting timber flooring is being able to sand it every couple of years to remove any imperfections and have your flooring looking as good as new. Unfortunately, it's a job many homeowners assume that they can do themselves; after all, sanding down a floor doesn't exactly sound like it would demand much in the way of experience and expertise.

However, there are a number of important reasons why you'll want to leave the job to a professional. Here are just four.

1. Mistakes Are Easy to Make

Yes, operating a sander doesn't look very hard, but it's actually extremely easy to make mistakes. To do the job properly, you'll really need a drum sander, and these can be very challenging to use. If you don't keep the machine moving at a steady speed across the entire floor, you'll find that one area is sanded down too much. If you leave the machine on for a few seconds without moving it, the problem will be even more severe. Ultimately, you'll create an uneven appearance.

2. Sanding Is Hard

Many people begin sanding their floor by hand, reasoning that this is less expensive than using a drum sander and less likely to produce mistakes. After a couple of sweat-filled hours, they usually pick up the phone to call a professional. Even if you do use the proper equipment, it can be surprisingly labour-intensive to cover the whole of the floor. As well as making the job more unpleasant, any fatigue will ensure that mistakes are easier to make. Better to call a professional and save yourself the aches and pains.

3. You Won't Get the Right Equipment

A professional will use a professional drum sander, which will often cost thousands of dollars and run at high power. Unfortunately, it can be very tough to find these drum sanders at rental stores; even if you do find one, you'll be facing a very hefty rental price, and you might even have to rent a van to transport it home.

4. Timber Floors Are Expensive

Ultimately, the most important reason to have your timber flooring sanded by a professional is that timber floors are extremely expensive. You will have spent a lot of money on your timber floors, so it only makes sense to ensure that they are treated with care by a professional, just as it would make sense to bring a luxury car to the dealership for a tune-up instead of attempting repairs yourself. If you make any mistakes, it could cost thousands of dollars to replace your timber flooring.

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