Power Transformers: Four Important Precautions for Maintenance and Repairs

Power transformers are designed for handling high voltage. Therefore, proper management is crucial for ensuring good performance and preventing malfunctions. Keep in mind that a decline in function and failure will compromise your industrial operations and cause financial losses. Moreover, the risk of injuries will increase if the power transformers are faulty. The most critical operations for proper management are maintenance and repairs. If you have installed a new power transformer on your industrial property, use the outlined guidelines for good results during these tasks.

Consider Safety

When handling power transformers, prioritise safety. The high voltage capacity of these units can cause severe injuries and even fatalities due to electrical shock. Moreover, the risk of fire and subsequent damage is high. Therefore, take appropriate precautions to personal injuries on your worksite. The most critical consideration is the qualifications of the technicians handling the transformers. Choose an expert for the maintenance and repair of your equipment. Also, clear out nonessential personnel from the worksite during the tasks. Additionally, review critical safety precautions for working with high voltage equipment.

Monitor Changes

Proper maintenance and repair of power transformers require continuous monitoring of the equipment. Do not neglect the unit and only take action after failure. Instead, check on the performance of the transformer continuously and identify potential weaknesses. For instance, if the operating voltage is not optimal, servicing is essential. Keep in mind that the recommended maintenance schedule is often sufficient for new transformers. However, older units will decline and require more frequent servicing. Constant monitoring will allow for a timely response.

Avoid Modifications

Modifying your power transformer could make it a dangerous feature on your commercial property. The changes could increase the risk of malfunctions and failures. Therefore, do not make unauthorised adjustments to your equipment. If any major change is necessary, consult the manufacturer before commencement. One of the common aspects of modification is bypassing the safety features to increase the allowed maximum current. This change could cause overload accidents and pose danger to the service personnel. If you would like to increase the permissible current in your industrial setting, use multiple transformers.

Use Quality Parts

Finally, acquire the right supplies for conducting maintenance and repair on your power transformer. If the wrong items are used, the performance and safety of the equipment will decline. When purchasing replacement components, consult the transformer manufacturer. Maintain the same level of caution when acquiring fluid or similar supplies for servicing. Use the products recommended by the original power equipment fabricator. 

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