Fundamental Inspections to Carry Out When Shopping for A Used Forklift

Forklifts, undoubtedly, are one of the most commonly used pieces of industrial equipment, and this comes as no surprise when you consider how versatile they are. From stores to warehouses, having a forklift on your premises will go a long way in simplifying the transportation and storage of your stock. Nonetheless, one of the major drawbacks of forklifts is that they are highly priced.

And if you have recently launched your business, you may not have adequate capital to purchase this equipment outright. Fortunately, you have the option of investing in a used forklift instead. Take note, it is inadvisable to simply purchase the first used forklift for sale that you come across. Instead, check out the following fundamental inspections that you should carry out when shopping for a second-hand forklift.

Inspect the used forklift for structural changes

A common mistake that some used forklift buyers unwittingly make is assuming that cosmetic changes to the exterior of the forklift are not a concern, but this is untrue. The reality is that some of the structural damage that you may deem minor could be signalling that the forklift may need repairs and eventually premature replacement.

Cracks, for example, tend to be an indicator of a weakened forklift, so when you use the equipment to lift heavy items, the used forklift is at risk of irreparable damage. You should steer clear of any forklifts that have multiple cracks. Other structural changes to be wary of include a thinned-out fork blade, bends and so on.

Inspect the extended movement of the mast

The second thing to take note of when purchasing a used forklift is making sure that the equipment you choose will be capable of meeting your expected heights. A blunder to avoid is simply checking whether the mast can extend. Instead, you need to ask the seller to extend the mast to its maximum specifications. During this extension, pay keen attention to the movement of the mast. If the mast is jerking or is having trouble lengthening, it could signal several underlying problems.

For instance, the mast rollers may not have received adequate upkeep and, subsequently, have succumbed to wear and tear. Alternatively, problems extending the mast could be a red flag of a damaged chain link. Whatever the case, it is mandatory that you ask the seller to either service the used forklift or keep searching for functional equipment, as a defective mast will render the machinery inoperative.

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