rebuilding After A Fire? Why Choose Steel Beams For Your Home

If you need to rebuild your home after a fire, now's the time to choose your building materials. If you've decided to use timber beams, you might want to reconsider that decision. You might think that timber beams are the best option for your home rebuild, but that's not the case. In fact, for strength and durability, steel beams might be the best option for your home. But, there are other benefits that you might not have considered. Before you settle on timber beams, read the information provided below. You'll find four important reasons to choose steel beams instead. 

Ensure More Design Options

If you want to make some changes to the design of your home, now's the time to talk to your builder about steel beams. One of the great things about steel beams is that they give you more design options to work with. Because steel beams are stronger than timber beams, you don't need to use as many vertical supports. Also, you can add more open space to your ceilings. Best of all, you can also use your steel beams to create dramatic balconies in your home. 

Protect Natural Resources

Now that you're rebuilding your home, you want to think about the materials you're using. Specifically, how those materials impact the environment. Right now, there's a timber shortage in Australia. Recent bushfires are part of the reason for the shortage. But, worldwide shortages are also impacting timber availability in Australia. That's where steel beams come into the picture. You might not know this, but about 5.3 million tonnes of steel get produced in Australia every year. That means you can protect natural resources, such as timber, when you choose steel beams for your home rebuilding project. 

Improve Fire Resistance

If you've recently lost your home to a fire, it's time to think about the materials you're going to use on the rebuild. Timber is a common building material for homes, but it's not a fire-resistant option. That's why you should choose steel beams for your new home. Steel is naturally fire-resistant. That means your risk for another house fire will be dramatically reduced when you choose steel beams. 

Prevent Pest Damage

If you're rebuilding your home, now's your chance to protect it against pest damage. Termites and carpenter ants can destroy your home. That's because they're attracted to timber. But, you won't have that problem when you choose steel beams. Termites and carpenter ants are no match for steel beams. 

Now that you're rebuilding your home, make sure you choose the right building materials. Choose steel beams, and enjoy the benefits described above.  

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If you need to rebuild your home after a fire, now's the time to choose your building materials. If you've decided to use timber beams, you might want